Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011


-July '17-
Upcoming shows:

Next releases on Sodomistic Rituals Productions:
- Cultus Asal/Antumia (Dk./Pan.-Ger.)- Split tape (Obscure Black Metal meets on Noisy Black Grind. Co-release with Silver Key Records)
Josué o Salvador em Busca da Perdição (Prt.)- Discography tape (Obscure trippy Doom. Co-release with Universal Tongue)

Releases in 2018:
- Vkozuren (Mkd.) Debut Demo tape
- Hastur (Ita.)- Live by Fear- Reissue of their Demo tape from 1994.

-June '17-

Picture strip taken from a gig at the second of June.

During my stay in Panama we did an improvised recording that we'll release in two sessions. We named the project Antumia & there is a split tape with a danish band called Cultus Asal who'll debut as well coming out on Silver Key Records & yours truly. Expect further news to come. Spanish speaking folks can check this page meanwhile- From Panama Bowels!

Temple of Adoration stickers are ready! They will be thrown in for free alongside orders & trades.

Tonight the second of June we'll play live with Expulsed Angel supporting Sodomizer & Scalpture at Köpi/Berlin.

-May '17-
Just wrote an article for Chronic Failures Webzine that you can read here- "On the Hunt"
An interview with Jefe De La Morgue/ Alambre De Puas that I just send the questionnaire off to the band will be released there too.

-April '17-
Out now: Temple of Adoration Zine # 12! Featuring interviews with:
-Carma (Prt.) Funeral Doom whose debut I consider as a highlight in the genre
-Broken Spirit (Aus.) Crushing Raw Black Metal from Western Australia
-Hardware (Mex.) Infamous mexican cult D.M. act from the early 90ies
-Krypts (Fin.) Old interview that never got published, made by N.B. (Caverna Abismal Records/ Archaic Tomb) 
-Abatuar (Pan.) Their debut Demo tape was among my fave releases of the year when it came out in '14. War B.M. like Bestial Warlust etc.
-Nebiros (Col.) Old cult B.M. act
-Orodruin (Hol.) Long chat with this obscure dutch B.M. act
-Fecalove (Ita.) Razorsharp sounding Harshnoise
-The Fallen (Chl.) A Death/Doom monster in the vein of Disembowelment and the likes
-Leechfeast (Slo.) Sludge as thick sounding as a wave of mud
-Ordo Caper (C.R.) Young act whose sound is an hommage to SadEx, Goatlord etc.
-Candelabrum (Prt.) "Necrotelepathy" was a magickal output of raw B.M.
-Psychomorphis (Dk.) B.M. act made by clientel from the Order of the Nonagram
On top of that there three articles, reviews, a shortstory & three very deranged & depraved comicstrips by Goran Dacev that are exclusive to this zine.
Single copy costs 3,50 Euro plus 3,70 postage worldwide. Wholesale/Paypal/trade- all that is possible.

-March '17-
Noise Carnage Productions from Poland will do a four-way-split-tape with Madre Coca among. Expect further news to come!

Offline to go to Panama tomorrow the 3rd, two weeks later I'll release Temple of Adoration # 12.

Expulsed Angel Live Nov. '17

-February '17-
I got the first printrun of Temple of Adoration # 12. I'll release it public in mid March when I return from Panama. Expect further news to come! 

-January '17-
Madre Coca will play live in Skopje/Macedonia at the 21th of January and a day later we will be aired in a local radio show. Find poster's fpor both happenings below.

Here is a radio anounncement about the show we will be aired in. Just click here!

Expulsed Angel got a new vocalist whose well known as Possessor from Anal Vomit. He moved to Berlin & joined our act. Guitarist Pito Mutilador who used to do the vocal's is now handling the guitar exclusively. 

-November '16-

A band that I released a split tape from once, named Extrema Uncion, put some new  material up on bandcamp, check it here, sound's promising.

Lately Headsplit Records put out a tape of Vomit Angel from Denmark whose logo and frontcover artwork I've drawn. Find a snapshot below & get in touch with the label by clicking on the name above.

-October '16-
On the 27th of November the second gig of Expulsed Angel will take place at Köpi supporting Morbital from Russia. 

-September '16-
Issue # 12 of Temple of Adoration should be released in spring 2017 as it looks right now, maybe abit earlier.

-August '16-
Temple of Adoration Zine # 11 is sold out. Works on # 12 just started.

Re-stocked: Madre Coca/ Erectile Dementia Split 7ep!!!!

Soon we will play with Expulsed Angel our first show:

-July '16-
The Descarga Nociva tape is sold-out/traded. You may try to contact my partner POÇO DISCOS whose residence is in Coimbra/Portugal if you want to have a copy or the band directly through:  

-June '16-
Descarga Nociva made a flyer for the tape release, it's almost sold out/traded by the way.

Out now on Poço Discos/ Sodomistic Rituals Productions:

Descarga Nociva (Per.)- Desolación Total/ Triste Futuro

Professional manufactured tape that compiles both first demos & rehearsal recordings. All material dates back to the periode of '90 (Demos) and '92-'93 (Rehearsals) Limited to 75 copies only. 

Nasty Noise/Grind with nihilistic approach in the lyrics. In the vein of Necrobutcher, Industrial Noise, earlier Ruido De Odio & alike.

4 Euro's plus postage. Paypal possible. Trades welcome.
Contact: (Sodomistic Rituals Prod's) or (Poço Discos)

Furthermore another release saw the daylight lately & that is the Madre Coca/ Erectile Dementia Split 7ep. 

Erectile Dementia strike back with 9 brand new rocking monster hits in the good old grind/noise way. Madre Coca play drug fueled
psychotic noisecore madness!! Return after a year of pause with no release.

Available postage paid through No Fucking Labels! (Netherlands), Poço Discos (Portugal), Equinox Discos (Spain), Backwoods Butcher (Usa) & Evil Distro (Italy) 

-May '16-
Covers for the upcoming Erectile Dementia/ Madre Coca split 7ep are ready...Vinyls should return from the pressing plant soon.

Pay attention to this label that had some killer releases in the past & now strikes back with some new outputs after 3 (!) years of silence. Bestial Invasion Records: 

-April '16-
Descarga Nociva "Discography" Cassette will be sent to duplication very soon. Very happy to unleash this historic archive of peruvian grind-noise in conspiracy with from Poço Discos Portugal, a close ally 100% devoted to the stubborn laws of subterranean existence. This will contain all material ever recorded by the band (both 1990 demos, "Desolación Total" and "Triste Futuro", as well as 3 rehearsals recorded between 1992 and 1993) and will satisfy those craving for the classic ruthless south american sound. Expect nothing but orthodox primitivism. NO PROGRESS.

-March '16-
- Working on the layout for the forthcoming Descarga Nociva (Peru) tape to be released together with Poco Discos from Portugal. 

- The fourth issue of dutch fanzine Dungeon Grease and has Interviews with Akitsa, Down & Out, Forgotten Kingdoms, Necromantic Worship and Temple of Adoration.

- 8th issue of hungarian Posthuman Zine is out featuring extensive interviews with some activities related to me & my bandmate in Devoured Christ.

Interviews made with Nameless Tomb, Six Score, Kyliga Dalen, Temple of Adoration/Sodomistic Rituals/Madre Coca, Zudaskrust, Anvil Kvult, Sriba Boys, Agonized, Betonrot and Matka Teresa.
Reviews on different musical materials like crust-grind-noise-punk-death-thrash CDs, MCs, vinyls, books.

Contact: and

-February '16-
- The entire show anounnced below is cancelled. It won't take place because of issues related with the venue.

-Devoured Christ will play the first gig at 20th of February in Berlin. Opening for following acts: Temple Desecration, Chrworsch & Abyssous

- An extensive Interview covering Devoured Christ, Nameless Tomb, Madre Coca, Temple of Adoration Zine & Sodomistic Rituals Prod's is included in brandnew issue of Posthuman Fanzine from Hungary. Check out with clicking Here!

-The very last copies of Devoured Christ "Obscure Death" Demo tape are restocked now. I got a second bunch of copies, the few remaining. So get in contact if interested.

-January '16-
-Next releases from Sodomistic Rituals:
- Descarga Nociva (Peru)- Demo I & II from '90 & Live Tracks- Tape Reissue (Noisecore // To be released in Spring 2016 together with Poço Discos)
- Vkozuren (Macedonia)- Debut release (Black Doom Metal // Release date to be anounnced)

- Sound samples, just click on the bandname Descarga Nociva & Vkozuren

- Back from Macedonia since afew days, was a killer trip. The layout for the Madre Coca/Erectile Dementia split is ready and all is in the labels hands now. The final labels who will participate in the release will be:

- Evil Distro (Ita.)
- Equinox Discos (Spa.)

Bestial Burst Records from Finland put a Radioshow online. Click HERE and listen show # 2 that has Erectile Dementia tracks from the upcoming split with us. 

-I'll be abroad in Macedonia & watch a Infernal Curse show. Will get back to mails in mid-end of January.

Support them on their tour!

- Happy New Year! Thanks to all those who made an order on the end of the year special sale.

-December '15- 
- This is December the 15th & I decided to make a huge Distro Discount! 
All item's are only 2 Euros to make space for next releases & distro items to get inn. Check the list in the distro section and write me an email with your requested items:

-November '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 11 is out now!

Featuring interviews with:
- Death Courier (Gre.)- Old guys talking about past & present of the band.
- Solothus (Fin.)- Promising D.M.!
- Aphonic Threnody (Uk./Ita.)- Prolific Funeral Doooom Monster.
- Necrostuprum/ Satanic Torment (Pol./Fin.)- Raw Black Metal Infame.
- Ligfaerd (Dk.)- Black/Death from the Order of the Nonagram.
- Ysengrin (Fra.)- Occult Death Metal.
- Harsh Supplement (Can.)- Harsh Noise crossing borders with Noisecore.
- Screaming Brain (Mac.)- Rancid old fashioned Punk.
- Arkaik Excruciation (Spa.)- For me one of the best Black Metal Demos in 2014.
- Grigorien (Dk.)- Agressive Black Metal Assault.
- Death Angel`s (Bra.)- Old & forgotten Deathrash act from the 80ies.
- Black Grail (Chl.)- Occult Black Metal introducing the concept of the debut album.
- Rhadamanthys (Gre.)- Infamous B.M. obscurity from the past!
- Black Mastrobation (Dk.)- Black Metal Noise!
- Josue O Salvador Em Busca Da Perdicao (Prt.)- Utmost trippy Doooooom!One of the longest interviews in this zine.

A Label report including short Interviews with:
- Equinox Discos (Spa.)
- Caverna Abismal (Prt.)
- Fuck Yoga! (Mac.)
- Blastbeat Mailmurder (Gre.)
+ Reviews & Live Reports.

52 pages in total.
Price: 7 Euros Postage paid worldwide, 5 Euros postage paid inside Germany
Wholesale, Paypal & trades are possible on request.

I need to make space in the distro section. Combine it with a distro item & pay a reduced price of 9 Euro (Zine & single item) postage paid! 11 Euros postage paid (zine & two items from the distro)...This offer counts on any item no matter what format!

- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is sold out/traded. I've afew copies hold back a while for some trades and if someone will step back I'll restock the distro but for the moment iT's no more available. 

-October '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is available right now and out now! Limited to 66 copies on pro manufactured cassettes.  

Both acts remain into obscurity and infame. Extrema Uncion do a kind of cross between Black Metal and Noise, similiar to acts such as Goatvulva, Bhaobhaon Sidhe...etc. while Hazten akin to the sound of Katharsis during demo times, Darkthrone, Conjuuro (Prt.)...etc. 

A single copy costs 4 Euros plus p/p. I offer wholesale and paypal if you want multiple copies. Trade is possible so write me when youre interested:  

-September '15-
- The Nameless Tomb/Demonomancer Split cassette is sold out/traded. Few distros like Analog Worship , Caverna Abismal or Equinox Discos and others carry copies in their distros. 

- Extrema Uncion uploaded their song of the split unto Bandcamp, click here for a listening (dis)pleasure.

- A very hard to find V8 (Argentina) Live Digi Cd is addaed to the distro (just check) among other stuff. The Live CD includes unreleased songs.

-August '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) is send to the manufacture and should be released soon.

-July '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue # 10 is completly sold out/traded. Few distros still have copies!

- Cover for the next Sodomistic Rituals Prods Release: Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) below.


-June '15-
- The stock of last remaining Mastrobating Jehovah "Hullet I Loven" tapes arrived after some delay caused by the post. I used red tapes this times contrary to the earlier edition on black blank tapes. Write for a copy now.